Saturday, 17 August 2013

St Tropez... sounds better than Grimaud!

Thursday 27th June 2013

After leaving Carcassonne last Saturday we drove a few hundred miles back into the sunshine of Southern France until we reached Grimaud, a small little town across the bay from St Tropez. We are a little bit more accustomed to the heat now and kinda missed it when we were in Carcassonne even though it was quite warm there. Adams dad Jon was just starting his holiday and had ridden his motorbike  through the night from England til he reached the warmer weather and we met him at a huge family campsite where we stayed for the night, Jon pitching his tent next to our van with his motorbike in between as a snore barrier. Unfortunately I found out later that it doesn't work very well! We spent the rest of that day on the beach which the campsite opened up on to, introduced Jon to our boules and Jon took us for dinner where I had the best steak and mash I've ever had in my life.

The next day we went back to the same beach, squeezing our towels into the only available patch of sand left. Or so I thought, a few hours later some women put their towels down to sunbathe in front of us, but they were practically in the sea. Although that was probably quite refreshing as it was boiling. When we had finished crisping up in the sun with had a massive bbq with a looot of vino and camp fire chats.
We couldn't decide if we should stay around this area or move on but because we all agreed we wanted to stay wherever it was sunniest we decided to see if we could find a cheaper campsite nearby. The one we were on was great but it had a lot of facilities we didn't need like kids clubs and cheesy evening entertainment so we were looking for something a bit more chilled. Jon went out on his bike to track a campsite down and Adam and I accidentally found a deserted sandy beach just minutes from the super crowded one we were on the day before.

We had to excuse ourselves from an overly chatty English women who had come over to the van seeing our British plates to head to our new tiny quiet campsite up the road. We went back to our private beach where there was no one to hit me round the head with their runaway pool inflatables and Jon stumbled across the nudist beach round the corner. A good afternoon all round. It was a really relaxing (when are we not relaxing these days though) few days and really nice to catch up with Jon. We filled the rest of the time eating a lot, drinking a lot, making and playing a checkers board, visiting the port and making friends with butterflies which were very attracted to Jons new beard.

Jon left pretty early this morning to meet up with friends at other motorbike campsites and we had a 12 hour drive (shouldn't really take this long but our little old van is slooow) up through France to get to Parc Asterix. A theme park based on the cartoon Asterix and Obelix which I don't really remember watching when I was younger but Adam does. We got a bit lost on the way and nearly ended up driving onto a flight taking off from the airport in Paris but now we're in the Parc Asterix hotel carpark where we're gonna stay overnight so we're here in the morning for a full day of rollercoastering. I can hear people screaming on the rides right now so preeetty excited.

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