Bucket List

Travel the entire Route 66 in America
See/chase a tornado
Visit the River Nile
Go inside a pyramid in Egypt
Cage dive with sharks
Eat street food in India
White water raft down a river
Have a surfing lesson
Go on a safari in Africa
See gorillas in the wild
Go canyoning
Learn some origami
Sing Karaoke in Japan
Go to the The Burning Man festival
See the geysers in Yellowstone National Park
See lava in a volcano
Visit family in Italy
Go fishing
Fly a small plane
Camp in a rain forest
Spend a summer on the beach
Make wine in Italy
Go on an open deck bus tour of a city
Visit an elephant sanctuary
Ride a bike every day for a month
Ride a motorbike and get a license 
Go without eating meat for a month
Visit ancient temples in Cambodia
Help build an Earthship
Ride a camel
Go to Tomorrowland festival in Belgium
Ride a horse wearing a cowboy hat
Live in a campervan
Visit a Scottish city
Walk on the Highlands

Live in the French Alps
Visit somewhere on the Irish coast
Stay overnight in a castle
Visit an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales

Swim under waterfalls in Thailand

1 comment:

  1. OK, well I can help you with a few of those... :-D

    eg River Nile, Yellowstone, Gorillas, see fam, make wine, party, etc!!! hahaha

    don't not eat meat for a month...you need the protein!!