Saturday, 17 August 2013

Parc Asterix

Friday 28th June 2013
We have just spent the day at Parc Asterix which was aweeesssooome! I've been to theme parks before but not one that has immersed itself so completely with one theme (haven't been to Disneyland...yet). Apparently in the cartoon, Asterix & Obelix, these two viking guys would time travel to Egypt and Rome and fight the soldiers. The park was split into these ancient villages with the rides themed to them. There were massive Zeus statues and pyramids.

The first rollercoaster we went on was really old and wooden with nothing to keep you in the tiny cart, which is always a good scare factor. I couldn't help but duck as we flew around the wooden structure with massive beams flying past overhead. It made my stomach jump/drop quite a bit though so thumbs up from me. Another of my favourite rides was one where it was like sitting in a sledge where I sat between Adams legs and it was joined onto the track with little wheels on the sides and was like a bobsleigh where you were propelled around the track by the weight of it. Felt like you were gonna fall out the whole time so it was scary and brilliant.

I liked that the park had other things to see as well as rides, like the two stunt shows we saw. The first was in a small circular stadium where some 'Roman soldiers' did a lot of stunt fighting and falling on their faces without seeming to hurt themselves, as well as flying around on wires throwing in some acrobatic moves. The second was on a much larger stage made to look like an old port with a massive metal cargo ship as the backdrop. A painter/decorator was ambling about on stage as everyone was getting seated and then in marched some guards who were meant to be looking after the Mona Lisa painting. Two villains joined the scene trying to steal the painting whilst the painter just generally got in the way. They fought, flew around the room, had car chases and blew up buildings all on the stage and it looked pretty epic. They even made the massive ship in the background sink and had amazing pyrotechnics. There was no dialogue but it was still really funny, funnier than the slapstick humour I was expecting.

We also saw a dolphin show which completely conflicts with how I feel about dolphins being captured for shows. I watched a documentary a few years ago called The Cove and it was appalling seeing all these dolphins being slaughtered by Japanese fishermen when they weren't selected to be bought by park keepers and trainers. I don't think that the dolphins at the park were treated badly but it's how they could have been caught or how other dolphins are captured that is upsetting. Even so, I still had to see what they were up to, no excuse for that really!

We're about to drive to the ferry port of Dieppe to get the ferry to Newhaven, England tomorrow morning. It will be good to see everyone again it's been an amazing few months and it seemed like we were away a lot longer! We've got my brothers 17th, my dad and his two sisters tripet 50th, my aunties 60th birthday and a festival to attend!

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