Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Visiting mum & dad in Santa Susanna, Spain

Sunday 9th June 2013

We have spent this week in the tourist resort of Santa Susanna on the coast of Spain as my mum and dad were there for a little holiday for about 3 days. I had been in contact with my mum whenever we had access to WiFi, sending messages back and forth and my mum kept asking if we would be anywhere near the resort and if so would we come and visit. I kept my replies a bit vague saying we weren't sure what we were doing and where we would be at the time of their arrival to try and keep our being there as a surprise.

We arrived at the resort the night before my parents were due to get there so parked up in a supermarket car park which was near their hotel and had a look around. There was the main strip of bars, restaurants and shops a few minutes away so we had a look around and scouted out the beach. We hadn't stopped anywhere this touristy on our trip yet and even though the whole thing could be considered one big holiday, this week really did just feel like a typical holiday, mostly consisting of lounging on the beach :)

My parents arrived at their hotel around midday the following day and I tried to get an idea of where their room would be so we could be standing outside waving when they looked out their window! However this didn't really work and my mum just thought my hints like telling her to look outside into the supermarket car park was just me looking at where they were on Google maps! They eventually came down to see us and got big hugs. My mum was a little upset their room didn't have a balcony and their room faced the bins so they didn't really want to open the window either so were trying to see if they could change rooms. We took them down to the beach to chill out on their first day.

The next couple of days were spent doing much the same, mum and dad were staying in an all inclusive hotel so we left them to have our own dinner and they joined us after for some drinks at one of the bars on the strip where we could play cards and watch cute little old couples dancing to some Spanish disco music. 

Adam and I had only been away about a month but it felt a lot longer and it was great to see them and I'm glad they got to have a nice relaxing break.

Adam & I

My mum & dad

 Sunny views in Santa Susanna

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