Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sonar festival, Barcelona!

Sunday 16th June 2013

We didn't hang around long being gloomy after our van had been broken into as we had a lot of things to look forward to this week! On Wednesday we met our friend Rich at Barcelona airport and after a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up large quantities of BBQ food and beers we whisked him back to our favourite campsite in Gava, The 3 Estrellas, for a chilled night catching up.

Rich and I and a whole lotta food

Rich had flown over as he was going to Sonar festival with some friends that were all on different flights and some that lived in Spain. When Adam and I were debating whether we should get tickets we found out that Rich was going and since we have been to Global Gathering back in England with him for the past 4 years, he is somewhat of a festival buddy so we decided to get a Saturday ticket while Rich was there for the whole weekend.

We ended Wednesday evening with a midnight beach stroll, the campsite opens up onto the beach but we found at that time of night they lock the gates shut. We were about to give up when a nice lady from Belgium called us back and said she had found a way over. Thanks Belgium lady!

On Thursday we took Rich on the bus into Barcelona and had a yuuuummy tapas lunch (pork in cider was amazing) before Rich headed off to find his hotel and Adam and I bought penny boards for each other as it was our four years together! 

Sonar festival ran from Thursday to Sunday and had events in different places in the city for Sonar Day and Sonar Night. We headed in around 9.30 for Sonar Night and it was held just outside the city center in three warehouses and two outdoor stages in between them. There were a few people milling around when we got there and we ordered a beer for Adam and a massive pint of vodka Redbull for me (only available size not my fault!)

I didn't really get the normal festival vibe I usually get but I think that was because we were only there for one night and not the whole weekend like we usually do at festivals and also because it was indoors! The warehouses were massive and the sound for each stage was kept inside them well as when you went outside you couldn't hear the sounds from different stages getting mixed up. We had an awesome night seeing Kraftwerk with their 3d show, Baauer, Major Lazer, Skrillex, Two Door Cinema Club and watching the sun come up with Diplo til around 7am. They were the ones I remember seeing anyway!

Sun setting behind an outdoor stage, not many people here yet!
Bumper cars! Had a go on these around 5am
Kraftwerk 3d glasses!
Unfortunately we didn't get to party with Rich as he was pretty much wasted the whole weekend and none of his group had phone battery or even knew where their phones were! But we did get to hear funny stories of him wondering around Barcelona and getting lost when we met up with him again on Sunday. He had spent a lot of time lost, wandering through the areas of Barcelona populated by prostitutes, trying and failing to use a pay phone to call someone to tell him where to go and wanting to buy a dress to turn up back at the hotel in but unfortunately realising he'd spent all his money. I'm sure we'll see more of him at Global Gathering this year though so plenty more shenanigans to come!

Saturday was spent recovering and after we had dropped Rich back at the airport today we left Barcelona after nearly a month of being there to start making our slow journey home. We still have about two weeks before we plan to be home but we're gonna take it slow and stop at a few places on the way. We also plan on meeting up with Adam's dad who will be on a two week holiday riding his motorbike around the continent soon.

We are currently in Figueres, Spain, as we plan on visiting the Dali museum tomorrow. For tonight we have found a place to stay in a car park next to a massive old fort. Just walked around it and it took over an hour. It's quite high up though so really nice views and we can even see Roses in the distance, where we stopped at the beach one day previously.

Big old fort walls

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