Thursday, 9 May 2013

Viva la France!

Today (Tuesday 7th May, not sure when I'll get wifi to post this) we left our home town of Horsham in our big blue van to start our road trip. We had booked ourselves onto a ferry from Dover to Calais and that was the only thing we had planned in advance. We got to Dover a little early but when checking in we were asked if we wanted to get on the earlier ferry and we accepted, giving us more time to drive south when we get to the other side (that was one other thing we planned, drive south!)

We got to France about 6pm and set the sat nav on Adams phone to navigate us to Abbeville as it was south and a few hours away and then we'd start looking around for somewhere to park up for the night. We figured we'd make use of the french Aires which are mostly free places to park especially for motorhomes. You can't camp there and you have to be able to cook and sleep in your vehicle, so no tents or BBQs, and they usually have drinking water and places to empty toilets! Then when we need a shower we'll pay to stay on a campsite where we can hopefully do some clothes washing as well.

We drove through massive grassy sand dunes, big green fields with wind turbines in them, big yellow fields, through little villages with really nice brick buildings and houses with shutters and really neat gardens and ducks chilling by the side of the road. Lots of cows too!

Tonight we've ended up at a quiet little seaside town called Ault. We got here as the sun was setting and it was pink and pretty over the sea :) We're parked in an Aire that's a 2 minute walk from the sea and with a view of a red and white lighthouse. There are about 12 other motorhomes parked nearby,  all massive and white, we're the only bright blue van!

Tomorrow we're gonna have a lie in and look around this town then keep driving south. We have to be back in England near the end of July as we're going to my dads 50th birthday (also my two aunties birthdays because they're tripets! Big partaay!) We're also going to Global Gathering the weekend after that. So we have two months and we're gonna blast our way south then make our way slowly back up. We want to go along the south west coastline and hopefully get some good sunny weather and see what we can do on the way. After we've had our little England visit we'll be making our way over to a place just outside of Amsterdam for another festival (this time not a music one, a making things one!) and we'll be away til Christmas this time!

A good start so far :)

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