Thursday, 9 May 2013

Big skies

Wednesday 8th May

Woke up to rain today. The van stays really warm and I think the carpety type insulation that's on the walls and ceiling blot out most of the rain noise which is good.

We were gonna look around the town and get some milk for my crunchy nut but decided to have a banana, get ready and go. The (hopefully) sunnier south of France calling!

The rain didn't really last long, there were clouds all day but really cool clouds not just a flat grey sky. I'm a little obsessed with clouds! We didn't do much today other than drive. We're not taking the toll roads to save money so we get taken all through the countryside which is beauuutiful. When I was bursting for a wee we stopped at a café and had a drink and made sandwiches in the van.

We drove around 230 miles to La Mans today. Didn't see any races though! Then stopped just outside La Mans to find a place to park. We did find a place and we planned to go out and buy dinner but every single place was closed and all had signs on the door saying they re open in a few days. Couldn't figure out why though.

So we've ended up at a picnic place next to a quiet road and near some fields. We cooked some rice and a can of curry on Adams little stove and it worked really well! This always surprises me for some reason! Now just chilling in the van and tomorrow we'll probably reach the coast and see what there is around!

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  1. Hi guys, liking the blog already. If its any consolation you are 2 degrees warmer than us already. The French countryside is beautiful. Heading South is a good plan in my experience. You never know you may dare to pop over the Pyrenees in to Spain or even Portugal. Keep on trucking smurfs! X X